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The European Commission's support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

1st September - 31th March 2022 

The project's' main results:


IO1 Manual Excellent Public Speaking

1st March - 31th August 2021 

Leading Organisation SC PSIHOFORWORLD


The 300 pages “Excellent Public Speaking” has the goal to increase the quality of public speaking, increase trainers' resilience and reduce public speaking phobia and stress among VET trainers, Teachers, University Professors and other members of the target groups. 

- VET trainers is an unregulated profession, formal criteria of access are undefined in vast majority of cases.
- High School Teachers and University professors access to the profession through public selection, which necessarily do not consider social skills.
- public speaking skills are learned in the vast majority of cases on the job with no training and this can increase stress and reduce performance
- Education profession is an increasing sector, this factor can be an opportunity for participating countries
- epidemiological surveys shows that teaching professions share high levels of stress

The Manual will include:
- Guidelines for effective public speaking
- Instructions for the analysis of the audience and the optimization of the speech
- Self-assessment psychological test for the evaluation of negative states of anxiety and phobia
- Effective methods to answer questions from the audience
- A model of competences described with the terminology of ECVET under EQF recommendation
- Protocols for psychologists for the reduction of public speaking phobias
- Methods for creating effective presentations
- Observational methods and checklists for the evaluation of public speaking (usable by HR directors, evaluators, participants)
- Exercises for the improvement of public speaking

The Manual has the following innovative elements- the inclusion of behavioral sciences in teaching public speaking techniques- the definition of a new model of competences under ECVET and EQF recommendation- a new dedicated psychological test for the evaluation of public speaking phobia and other negative states among VET trainers and other member of the target groups validated in 300 participants among 6 countries.- new observational method for the evaluation of effective public speaking techniques


IO1 Manual on excellent public speaking

Leading Organisation AFN


Leading Organisation IIAPHS

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The E-learning Platform for Public Speaking Competences is a open digital education output based on 10 hours of video-lectures designed for increasing the public speaking competences and reducing public speaking phobias and other negative psychological states. 

Needs analysis, according to this application form:

- practice of public speaking is often learned on the job with the approach of trial and error
- public selection of teacher professions do not include a standardized evaluation of social skills and public speaking competences
- teaching professions is one of the professional categories most exposed to work related stress


- log-in and registration forms according to GDPR
- 10-hours video organized in 5 modules of 2 hours each, subdivided in lectures
- proficiency tests system
- questionnaire of satisfaction system
- automated reporting system
- integrated e-mail system for updating and motivation the participants to complete the modules
- system for the delivery of certificate of attendance
- full translation with subtitles and voiceover of all videos
- integrated communication system with psychologists for personalized consultancy
- automated system of evaluation of negative states connected to public speaking situations

1st September - 31th March 2022 

Leading Organisation IIAPHS


Innovation : the e-learning platform is based on innovative methods for user-platform interactions, including motivational automated message, automated reporting system for the proficiency test
- the e-learning platform allow a broad participation, overcoming the main linguistic and geographical barrier including in the application form also organisations from remote areas, allowing participation to all, with no economic costs
- the e-learning platform is based on needs analysis of VET trainers, school teachers, University professors on the specific aspects of increased resilience, stress reduction, phobia management
- the e-learning systems favours communication between VET trainers, school teachers and University professors to psychologists which can support the teaching professionals in the moment of crisis or difficulty

1st March 2022 - 31th January 2023 

1st March 2022 - 31th January 2023 


Leading Organisation AFN


VR Training for Public Speaking in an innovative training for combating social phobia of public speaking. The Virtual Reality will introduce the participant into a simulation of public speaking and evaluate the behavior on real time for encouraging the participant in effective public speaking and manage negative states . 

The Virtual Reality Public Speaking Training has the following functionalities

a) simulation of a through VR glasses
b) gradual exposition from easy scenarios to more complicated ones
c) evaluate through psychological survey the states of phobia, anxiety, self-efficacy of public speaking and satisfaction
d) evaluate head movement and give a feedback to the participant
e) evaluate quality of the speech through voice indicators and give a feedback to the participant
f) a dedicated avatar which will give tailor based on time suggestions to the user for increasing the quality of public speaking
g) evaluate eye contact with the audience and give a feedback to the participants
h) produce an impact report automatically through the VR App
i) free and open download for Google App

To achieve the objectives of the project (better public speaking performance and reduced negative psychological states), the development of gamification systems is proposed. A video game based on Virtual Reality will be created. A virtual environment will be created through which the beneficiary will be immersed in a virtual conference room. In this conference room, the user will comply with the task of doing an speach regarding a theme proposed by the platform.

This video game will have the following characteristics:

- It will include different scenarios: different scenarios will be developed in which the auditorium is empty, scenarios in which the auditorium is full, scenarios in which the auditorium is

full and the audience speaking, etc. These different scenarios will represent different levels of difficulty, from simpler to more complicated.

- Automated evaluation of work quality: The system will collect the following speech quality indicators:
o Visual contact with the public: the system will evaluate if the user looks at the audience.
o Head movement: the system will evaluate the user's head movements to detect stress situations, etc.
o Voice tone: the system will evaluate the volume level when the user speaks.
o Speech time: accounting of the time you have spent on speach.

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