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The European Commission's support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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PARAGRAF International is an NGO based in Paris (France) with a European network of Informal groups in Bruxelles [Belgium] and Stockholm (Sweden) and who aim to share common values and good methods on non-formal education. Composed and managed by a team of people who acquired experiences from different structures around Europe, our activities aimed at a target audience of young people under 30 years old, as well as training and workshops for youth leaders who want to acquire new skills and improve their work within their community. Our action, centered on international meetings and positive and federating themes such as healthy lifestyles, citizenship, and ecology, is aimed primarily at young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or who encounter social, cultural or financial obstacles. Our French team is made up of Youth Workers who have organized and coordinated numerous projects such as "Youth Exchange" - "Training Course" - "Strategic Partnership" across Europe and the rest of the world. They are now combining their experiences and talents to create quality projects in France. We pay attention to the communication of our actions and thanks to the work done on our site [] we have developed a network of very competent partners that we aim to share with other structures in search of serious contacts. From France, Belgium, and Sweden, we are also active as a sending organization and our participants always add value to the various meetings in the dissemination of their results. On the following years we want to grow around Europe and find people and organisations with similar long-term vision interested to join our network.

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International Institute of Applied Psychology and Human Sciences is a cultural and scientific association located in Italy. The goals of IIAPHS are 1. to promote scientific research in the field of psychology, also in cooperation with Scientific Entities and Organisations both public and private, national and international 2. To collect and elaborate data, to structure and implement psychological intervention and to disseminate information regarding applied psychology and human sciences 3. to divulge the methodology of scientific research, psychology and human sciences 4. to facilitate critical knowledge and learning of Applied Psychology 5. to promote and organize training courses, seminars, congresses, workshop, conferences about Applied Psychology and Human Sciences; 6. to promote psychological knowledge in other professions, facilitating the multidisciplinarity 7. to manage and implement european projects IIAPHS is involved in the participation of EU-Projects in several fields of intervention related to applied psychology and human sciences including: bullying, cyberbullying, prevention of violence, communication of bad news, school psychology, child protection, fake news detection, psychology of tourism, work and organisational psychology, psychology of disability and sexology. IIAPHS has a total dissemination impact on 50000 users of the newsletter, constantly updated on the progresses of the project and it is the owner of the Facebook Page “Psicologia” with 36000 users.

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The Namoi association aimes to protect human rights, defense of the legal interests of social excluded groups that be connected to a person's social class, race, skin color, religious affiliation, ethnic origin. We are helping youth to build a strong image of the current technological situation. We answers fundamental questions regarding hardware need, basic software used, types of online services required to work more efficiently and the necessary technology related trainings for staff. We facilitate transnational research, by educating journalists and by bringing together media workers with differing perspectives into a conversation about themselves and the world. The programs and activities organized by NAMOI range from human rights education, media, youth policy development, human rights, cultural activities, personal and professional development of youth, leadership programs, employability, entrepreneurship, public speaking, and recently also sports. 

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Academia Formação do Norte is a training school created in 2011, certified by the Directorate- General for Employment and labor Relations, based in the city of Porto that promotes training actions for youngers and adults, companies in several areas, providing the trainees with the virtual reality, necessary skills to better adapt to organizations and to the labor market, mainly in the sector of Health, Beauty & Wellness, entrepreneurship, Environment, ICT, languages and initial pedagogical training for trainers. The school has been exploring the use of immersive virtual reality (iVR) in real classrooms. We are focused on how iVR can be used to enhance learning, its relationship to curriculum,
and its implications for pedagogy. And, we examine all the practical, ethical and safety issues that come with integrating emerging technology in classrooms. The school is premised on the open sharing of research resources, infographics, guides and reports designed to facilitate the use of the technology in schools and build the evidencebase
to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes. The research is conducted with real teachers and students in diverse and secondary school communities. And we connect our findings with industry so that impact is assured. As dreamers and researchers we seek to bring about critical conversations on the potential of iVR in education. We are driving development and creating the next generation of scientists, developers, and entrepreneurs. Our training packages whose final aim is also to ensure a healthy and sustainable development of the students, professionals and to increase their employability. Academia Formação Norte is a caring organisation with a personal and friendly approach wich also offer training courses aimed at the general public or carried out specifically for companies and other organizations, with a view to "tailor-made training".

Mehmet Rıfat Evyap Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi school started education in 1998 -1999 academic year. We have 1320 students at our school In our school, there are 5 fields under the name of Information Technologies, Electrical-Electronics Technologies, Chemical Technologies, Machinery Technologies and Renewable Energy Technologies and education activities with 9 branches under these fields are continuing. Our mission; In the light of the new and inevitable facts brought about by the information age, to see and understand the needs of the institution with the identity of the solution partner, to perform in the light of the consultative and managerial work in the light of the consultancy principles and to train the qualified technical staff power that our country needs. With this mission and vision, Mehmet Rıfat Evyap Technical and Industrial Vocational High School, which provides its students with a modern education opportunity, continues to offer a qualified human profile to the Europe Industry with 100 education and teaching staff. Our organization has successfully completed the KA102 projects called European Women's Comenius project, Change for Development, Europe for Work and I Develop My Skills for Change. Our school has done e-twinning projects called Speaking with your neighbour and etwinNOISE with Romania Italy, Greece and Portugal Poland.

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