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01/03/2021 - 31/08/2021


On high technical skills and public speaking competences.


01/09/2022 - 31/06/2022


Learning platform and Manual on excellent public speaking


01/03/2021 - 31/03/2022


Training modules, materials and tools for the Manual and the Platform.


01/03/2022 - 31/01/2023


Intellectual outputs promotion events




PROJECT PHASES  2021 - 2023


1st March - 31th August 2021 

Leading Organisation SC PSIHOFORWORLD


1st September - 31th March 2022 

Leading Organisation IIAPHS


Leading Organisation AFN

1st March 2022 - 31th January 2023 

The 300 pages “Excellent Public Speaking” has the goal to increase the quality of public speaking, increase trainers' resilience and reduce public speaking phobia and stress among VET trainers, Teachers, University Professors and other members of the target groups.

The E-learning Platform for Public Speaking Competences is a open digital education output based on 10 hours of video-lectures designed for increasing the public speaking competences and reducing public speaking phobias and other negative psychological states. 

VR Training for Public Speaking in an innovative training for combating social phobia of public speaking. The Virtual Reality will introduce the participant into a simulation of public speaking and evaluate the behavior on real time for encouraging the participant in effective public speaking and manage negative states . 


We included in the project's timetable 5 Transnational Project Meetings that will be held in 5 participating countries. 3 experts from each participating organisation will participate to the Transational Project Meetings and selected according to the meetings' goals.


Transnational project meetings

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1. Kick-off Meeting (TM1 - November, 2021) - Hosting organisation: PARAGRAF International - Location: Boulogne Billancourt, France.

The goal of this meeting is to give a general overview on the project's key documents and activities and to plan and discuss activities related to Manual (O1). Managers from Participating Organisations will share, discuss and validate the final form of Plans, namely Management (Paragraf), Dissemination (IIAPHS), Risk (Psihoforworld), Quality (NAMO).Experts from IIAPHS will present the draft form of the website, the Facebook Page and discuss with other partners eventual changes to implement. Participants will vote for the official logo of the project. All exact dates for the remaining transnational project meeting will be discussed and approved. Experts from NAMOI will organize a brief workshop(4 hours)about public speaking techniques targeted on all participants in preparation of the production of the first intellectual output

2. Interim Meeting II (TM2 - February 2022) - Hosting organisation: Mehmet Rıfat Location: Istanbul, Turkey

The goal of this transnational meeting is to refine the VR (O3) basing on quality feedbacks and to plan activities related to piloting of the VR system. Further dissemination and exploitation strategies will be discussed. The third interim report of all plans will be discussed, evaluating possible corrective measures. Particular attention will be given to piloting of the VR, usability aspects and related quality indicators. Partner will discuss the organisation of the 6 Multiplier events (E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6). Experts from Mehmet Rıfat will do a brief workshop (4 hours) about human-technology interaction and methodology of health-issues prevention

3. Interim meeting (TM3 - June 2022) - Hosting organisation: AFN - Location: Porto, Portugal

The goals of this transnational meeting are to refine last details about the Manual (O1) and to plan the activities for the E-learning Platform (O2), on the basis of the quality feedbacks received. The first interim report of all plans will be discussed, through the eventual areas to improve and corrective measures. Considering that November 2021 is the last month for releasing the Manual (O1), this transnational project meeting has a strategic timing also for the discussion of dissemination strategies. Website and social media indicators will be reviewed and optimization strategies for communication online will be discussed. Experts from IIAPHS will organize a brief workshop (4 hours) about e-learning techniques, transferring know-how to partners about important skills to be applied during the implementation of the e-learning Platform.

5. Final Meeting II (TM5 - May, 2023) - Hosting organisation: SC Psihoforworld - Location: Braila, Romania

The goal of this transnational meeting is to refine last details about the E-learning Platform (O2) and to plan in detail all activities related to the VR (O3). The second interim report of all plans will be discussed, evaluating possible corrective measures. Considering that March 2022 is the last month for releasing the E-learning Platform, this international meeting has a strategic timing also for planning further dissemination and also to apply possible corrective strategies basing on information gathered during the release of the O2 in order to increase dissemination numbers and quality indicators. Experts from AFN will do a brief workshop (4 hours) about gamification transferring important know-how to other participants about important competences related to the production of the intellectual output 4.

4. Interim Meeting (TM4 - December 2022) - Hosting organisation: IIAPHS - Location: Bologna, Italy

The goal of this transnational meeting is to refine the VR (O3) basing on quality indicators. Further dissemination and exploitation strategies will be discussed. Partner will discuss the organisation of the 6 Multiplier events (E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6) The goal of this transnational meeting is to summarize all key information about the project and to prepare final versions of all reports (management, risk, dissemination, communication, quality) related to all outputs (O1, O2, O3) and multiplier events (M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6). Activities for further exploitation, experimentation and sustainability of the outcomes after the project's life cycle. Paragraf will do a workishop about project's sustainability (4 hours). Sustainability Plan will be approved



Size Portugal2.png
E1 Bologna -  Italy
E2 Braila - Romania
Size Romania2.png
  E3 Porto - Portugal
Size Portugal2.png
No Stress Public Speaking
Size Russia2.png
E4 Novgorod - Russia
How to manage critical situation during trainings
Combating Social Phobia in Education
Size France 2.png
E5 Paris - France
Empowerment of Teaching Profession
through Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Systems for increasing the competences of teaching professions
E6 Ankara - Turkey
Size Turkey2.png
Health Management for Teaching Profession:
the innovation of VR Systems

The goals of these multiplier events are: - to favour exploitation of the intellectual outputs produced  - to demonstrate impact of the project's results - to encourage sustainability of the project's results after EU funding - to increase knowledge about the topics included in the project

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